Data science in global shipping

Funding Announcement

Funding Announcement

I'm thrilled to announce that FreightFlows has closed our seed round with some fantastic investor partners! Since FreightFlows started out in 2020 as a bootstrapped maritime data company, our core mission has been to bridge the data gulf that exists in our industry. Instead of relying on "gut feel", we're guiding the industry toward true data supported decision-making.

This has been historically hard as most of the participant in global trade aren't incentivized to be transparent. At FreightFlows, we're working to bring the transparency directly to our customers so they can see how their business is being impacted today and better plan for the future.

Read the full press release HERE

What our investors are saying:

"FreightFlows supply and demand forecasting in shipping will not only address some of the deepest inefficiencies in maritime, but also provide transparency across importers and exporters to make better strategic decisions like shipment planning to improve vessel utilization and optimize for global resiliency across the supply chain.”
- Shaun Hon, General Partner at Motion Ventures.
“FreightFlows is tackling a massive problem in a huge market – forecasting supply and demand in bulk shipping. Their data analytics platform offers unparalleled near-term market predictions enabling cargo owners to reduce transportation costs and charterers to optimize vessel routing and utilization, leading to overall cleaner, more efficient global supply chains.”
- Tim Reinsch, Managing Partner at TecPier.

A heartfelt thanks for our terrific investors who have come on board to support our work.

We'd also like to thank our Angel investors for supporting us along the way, and to all the Friends of FreightFlows.  ❤️ Now let's get back to building!

Download Press Release: Press Release

Media Contact: Jennifer Solomon - [email protected]  - 516.680.8927

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