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Predictive Maritime Platform to Transform Global Shipping Market
FreightFlows leverages predictive decision-making that greatly impacts overall ship utilization, more favorable freight rates and unrivaled transparency.
FreightFlows debuts predictive maritime platform - Splash247
Boston-based FreightFlows has announced the launch of its next-generation predictive maritime intelligence platform focused on predicting near-term commercial ship operations. The launch coincides with the close of a $1.8m seed round. Matt Morgan, founder and CEO of FreightFlows, said: “The global s…


FreightFlows frees bulk maritime markets from volatility in schedules, pricing
“Our goal at FreightFlows is to make near-term market predictions to help vessel owners, traders, brokers and charterers have much better decision-making power in the international freight markets today,” said CEO Matt Morgan.


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Commentary: Ocean freight data, automation the next big thing
Where we’re seeing the need for ocean freight-related ingenuity, logistics tech companies are beginning to fill the space, but we are far from seeing the full potential realized.
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Global network for innovators begins to identify top startups and geographies of top innovators launching...

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