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FreightFlows App Updates

FreightFlows App Updates
Latest updates as of July 7, 2022

Improvements 🧼

  • Better: Cleaned up wording for Favorites tab
  • Better: Search in Favorite Ships

New Features ✨

  • Added: Favorite Ports to list of favorites. Access from the same Favorites tab
  • Added: Ability to indicate Favorite Port as an "Import", "Export" or "Both" for filters and watch lists.

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Fix: issues with Password Reset functionality not working

Next Up 🎢

  • Fix: Favorite Ship list page update after adding or removing ships
  • To Add: Checking for duplicates in favorite ships
  • Improve: Site navigation, search pagination, favorites filtering and sorting
  • New: Updated data based on new polygons will replace all data in the platform

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Jamie Larson